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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Start Planning for My Event?

​Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party or any other large event, a timeline of one year works best!​  In fact, starting at least a year in advance helps to ensure your best pick of vendors , venues, availability and schedule, not to mention your peace of mind.

What's your process? Help me understand how all of this works!

​Our goal is to do just that! We want this process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

That starts with a relaxed and comfortable Meet & Greet where we'll get to learn more about you, your life, likes and loves, and you'll get to learn more about us and why our clients love us! ​

Then, we'll get to work. We'll prepare a proposal from the aisle to the afterparty addressing your vision, your timeline and your budget. And we'll meet again. 

Our list of packages will help you understand a little more about our service levels (See more information on our Packages).

Do you work with more than one event on the same day?

It depends... Location, size and scope of the event are all considerations when we plan our schedule.​

How involved can I be?

When you choose Sweet T Flowers and Events, it's our intent to create your vision. That includes your level of involvement. Of course we want to know your theme, colors and wishes! We can take it from there or we can adapt your involvement in the planning process to your comfort level.

Over the years, we've developed a genuine level of trust with our clients that puts them at ease. Regardless of how involved you choose to be, just know that we're all in!

Our list of packages will help you understand a little more about our services.

Can I use your design and planning service and the services of an outside florist?

Our design services and floral creation go hand-in-hand, and each is crafted to enhance the other to complete the beauty and flow of your event. Salt and pepper are always on the table together... and so are our planning and floral services.

Do you offer packages and price lists?

​​Actually, yes... and no.​​​We do offer three levels of service packages...

  • "The Gala" is for the bride who wants it all wrapped up... Give us your list and we're on it!​

  • "The Soiree" is for the bride who wants to keep a finger on the pulse, but maybe it's beating a little faster than she realized... she's got some planning done, the DJ and the menu ready and just needs some help tying up the details. We know you. Let's talk!

  • "The Party" is for the bride who wants to do it all, but needs some guidance to get started. We'll get you there... Ready, Set, Go!

 Click HERE for more information on our packages.​ We don't publish a price list. These are items and services that will be discussed personally with each client and are as individual as you and your event. We'll talk about these details at the formal presentation of the proposal.

Can you guarantee you'll use my favorite flower?

Our goal is to give you  the overall effect of the day you've been envisioning forever. Sometimes that includes a certain flower. We'll do our best, but it's not a guarantee we can make. Flowers are living, breathing beauties and we are at their mercy.


So, while season, weather, availability and sustainability might limit some choices, those things won't limit our design or your day! So, don't worry... we promise to nail your vibe and aesthetic.​

Do you do site visits or destination weddings?

We are always excited to learn about new venues! Over the years, we've worked at some fabulous places, so we're familiar with many great venues.


But, you've found something new? Yes! Let's take a look!​

Destination wedding? We love to travel! Let's go! Additional fees will be assessed according to time, travel and lodging expenses.

What if a family member wants to help design or if I want to use a silk arrangement that is a family keepsake?


We love family and we love their intentions. But, let's let them be part of the reveal and not the process. It's just better that way.​

Keepsake items are so special, so keep them. And, do-it-yourself and our custom designs just don't mix. We'll give you something fresh and new... and maybe even a new keepsake!

What happens to the flowers after the event?

We're certain you'll want to linger a while and continue to enjoy your beautiful blooms! Please take them with you and invite your guests to take some, too!


But, please leave the containers, vases, votives, decor and other rental pieces. Those go home with us. And... we've been known to share unclaimed beauty with local organizations like nursing facilities.

Have another question that isn't listed? Contact us and we will be happy to answer it!

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